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Edited: October 15, 2020 (v0.0.2)

I’ve seen wise people around me build strong foundations by mixing a few key ingredients: an understanding of the environment, an understanding of the constraints, and a defined set of first or guiding principles. Together, undestanding these three things allow for you to form an architecture.

Design depends largely on constraints. Here is one of the few effective keys to the design problem — the ability of the designer to recognize as many of the constraints as possible — [their] willingness and enthusiasm for working within these constraints. Constraints of price, of size, of strength, of balance, of surface, of time, and so forth. Each problem has its own peculiar list.

Charles Eames

A well reasoned architecture allows one to articulate a vision, maintain conceptual integrity, and scale the thought to others. Think critically about your constraints before you solve your problem.