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Change Is Hard

Edited: June 10, 2020 (v0.0.6)

As the title says.

Some thoughts on analysis paralysis. Change can be hard because it’s easy to get lost thinking too much. See my other notes about Analysis Paralysis and Boiling Oceans. Keep things simple, hold as many things equal as possible, and don’t expect for things to be perfect after the first change. Expect to change again. Who moved my cheese?

Some thoughts on change through movement. It’s actually two decisions. The movement from [x] to [y] is actually two things: it’s the decision to leave [x], and the decision to go to [y]. It’s easy to make one of the decisions in isolation, but it’s important to make the both decisions together before making the change. Considering both aspects, leaving and going to, can also help you balance against “grass is greener” biases.