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Edited: December 20, 2019 (v0.0.4)

Herein are some of my notes, thoughts, and jokes that track my career and life development. The content here is the product of my experiences, and are my opinions and mine alone. They do not reflect the views and opinions of my current employer, coworkers, friends, family, dog, wife, etc.

I use this place as a place to scratch down notes, store emails that I’ve written more than once, or share perspective/stories that I think are useful to share every now and then, and otherwise capture principles I hold dear. I try to refrain from speaking in platitudes - trite or banal remarks, especially ones expressed as if they were original or significant - but despite my best efforts still do it. Again, these are just my notes, sometimes written for myself to reference later.

Much of the content herein is from discussion with those previously mentioned groups and people. I would be lying to say that sometimes I don’t feel like I’m plagiarising their thoughts, but to the degree that this is just a place jot down notes, and assuming not everyone wants to be identified by name, myself included, I typically won’t cite people by name, unless their work is also public. Most of the content herein that is good is because of the coworkers, friends, and family. Most of the content herein that is bad is the product of my own imagination. I work and live among really smart people, so I’m privilege to lots of awesome discussion. If you want to be cited by name, please reach out to me.

I incrementally write and update these notes, so don’t take the date of publication too seriously (actually, don’t take anything too seriously), since I tend to go back and correct, update, cite, etc., as current events unfold. I often reword, refine, rewrite, the same note after I publish it here.